- a digital bureaucrat

Øivind Nordahl


  • Text, web & video editing
  • administration, law, project management & public procurement
  • professional digital architect & communicator


A digital bureaucrat


I'm Øivind (not Erwin, but close enough). I specialize in communication, information architecture, social and digital on- and offline sollutions, stategic & rhetoric analysis, project management and public procurement. I've got two bachelor degrees from Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences:

  • Media and communication
  • Administration management and Leadership

I'm planning for a master's degree in Management, Strategy and Leadership


Key qualifications & traits:

  • Versatile, adaptive & curious
  • Mindfull, steady - and both goal and process oriented
  • Accountable, disciplined and loyal
  • Analytical


I've got many areas of coinciding and diverse interests including law, human and children's rights, social equality, technology, innovation, political science, psychology, strategic planning, communication - and social, cultural and rhetoric discourse analasys, to mention a few. I'm an aesthetic visualist and a liberalist without fear of drawing up lines of unusual comparisons nor challenging conformative or conservative views. On Twitter I'm known as @oivindman. Challenge me. I will most definitely repay the favour.